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SkyMapper DR1 Now Available | 6 Jun 2017

Data Release 1 of the SkyMapper Southern Sky Survey is now available to Australian astronomers. Covering more than 20,000 deg2 in six optical bands, DR1 is comprised of more than 300 million unique sources down to ABmag ~ 18. With significant improvements in the data quality and sky coverage compared to the Early Data Release, the SkyMapper Team is excited to be unveiling DR1.

Above: Sky coverage of the 4016 SkyMapper fields comprising DR1, shaded by filter completeness. Light grey regions have complete coverage in all six bands. Even at low Galactic latitudes, most fields have at least g ...

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SkyMapper Early Data Release (EDR) live! | 9 May 2016

The SkyMapper Team is pleased to announce that the first data release from its five-year survey of the southern sky is now available for download by Australian astronomers. The science-grade Early Data Release (EDR) covers a third of the southern sky (6,700 sq. deg) in all six SkyMapper filters and includes data from nearly 20,000 images taken between March 2014 and March 2015. Among a broad range of science goals, this large data set of nearly 50 million stars and galaxies will help astronomers to find the oldest and most chemically-pristine stars in our Milky Way, as well ...

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