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SkyMapper with Christian Wolf (8.7 MB; ) – Christian Wolf expressing exuberant joy in front of the SkyMapper telescope on Siding Spring Observatory. (Movie: Naomi McClure-Griffiths)

Online audio & videos

Mapping the Sky: from ancient times to the modern Australian SkyMapper Telescope – Dr Christian Wolf talks to ABC Canberra's Anna Vidot about the SkyMapper survey. Broadcast on ABC Canberra 666 on "Afternoons ...
SkyMapper Data Release 1.1 Walkthrough – ANU astronomers Professor Brian Schmidt and Dr Christian Wolf walk you through some of the most interesting objects present in ...
ANU astronomers create most comprehensive map of the southern sky – ANU astronomers Professor Brian Schmidt (also Vice-Chancellor of The Australian National University) and Dr Christian Wolf discuss images from the ...
ANU Science on Location: Siding Spring Observatory – RSAA astronomers talk about the Siding Spring Observatory, home to The Australian National University's research telescopes, including SkyMapper.
SkyMapper searches for supernovae – SkyMapper invites the public to help us search for supernovae.
Update on SkyMapper Planet 9 search – RSAA astronomer Brad Tucker and RSAA astronomy students discuss the progress of SkyMapper's search for the posited Planet 9.
Search for Planet 9 – ANU Vice-Chancellor and Nobel laureate Brian Schmidt and RSAA astronomer Brad Tucker discuss SkyMapper's search for the posited Planet 9.
Chasing a neutron star merger – ANU Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics scientists discuss their efforts following up the first-ever detection of a neutron star-neutron ...
When two neutron stars collide – Professor Susan Scott of the ANU Research School of Physics and Engineering, and CAASTRO Node Leader Christian Wolf of the ...


SkyMapper science poster (11.5 MB; ) – A PDF poster illustrating the main science pursued by SkyMapper as shown at a Parliament House Event in August 2017. ...