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Full Catalogue Search (ADQL)

This page allows arbitrary queries and joins against all SkyMapper and selected external catalogues using the Virtual Observatory Table Access Protocol (TAP), and is only suitable for relatively simple, fast (synchronous) requests that will not time out in the browser. For more complex work requiring asynchronous access and stored results, please use a tool such as TOPCAT with the asynchronous TAP service, as described on the How To Access page.

Queries are made to this service using the Astronomical Data Query Language (ADQL), similar to SQL used by relational databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. If you are unfamiliar with ADQL, you can use the examples below and find further information and tutorials here, here and here.

TAP queries are data-release agnostic – all tables from all releases are available via our TAP server.

Note: By using SkyMapper data, you agree to observe the SkyMapper policies published on this website.

ADQL Query

To aid in constructing queries, click here to browse the table and column metadata in a new window. The syntax of your query will be checked prior to being run on the server.

Refresh page if query editor does not load

Override by specifying your own 'TOP nnn' value in your ADQL query. There is a return limit of 2000 objects for queries made from this page.