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Cone Search Service

This service allows you to query the master table of mean photometry and object parameters around a given position. Please specify either Equatorial/Galactic coordinates or a SIMBAD-resolvable object name as well as a search radius in arcseconds (maximum 3,600" or 2,000 rows). You may increase the number of columns returned by increasing the metadata verbosity parameter. This service is also accessible through VO-aware clients like TOPCAT using the IVOA Cone Search standard. See the How To Access page for more information.

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Search Parameters

Please input either a set of coordinates or a SIMBAD name.

Separate longitude & latitude with space(s)
Valid coordinate types, e.g.:
4 30 15.82
Colon/space separated values interpreted as HMS for longitude, DMS for latitude
A SIMBAD-compatible target name
Detail in returned metadata
Cross-match against available spectrum catalogues?