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Image Cutout Service

This service allows you to query reduced, WCS-registered SkyMapper images for those matching your region of interest. It will return image information and cutouts of the specified size around your search coordinates. You may additionally specify which filters and date ranges to return. The cutout service is also accessible through VO-aware clients like Aladin using the IVOA Simple Image Access Protocol (SIAP). See the How To Access page for more information.

Note: By using SkyMapper data, you agree to observe the SkyMapper policies published on this website.

Use of this service for systematic harvesting of large sky areas is not permitted. Users abusing the image cutout service will be blocked.

Data Release


Please input either a set of coordinates or a SIMBAD name.

Separate longitude & latitude with space(s)
Valid coordinate types, e.g.:
4 30 15.82
Colon/space separated values interpreted as HMS for longitude, DMS for latitude
A SIMBAD-compatible target name

Size, Intersection & Combine Options

Arcseconds on sky (along image axes) - Dec/latitude size defaults to RA/longitude size if left blank
Intersection types:
Overlaps - cutout covers any part of the region of interest (ROI)
Covers - cutout includes the entire ROI
Center - cutout contains the center of the ROI (default)

Intersection types
Green border denotes currently selected type

Additional Search Criteria (Optional)

Select none to return all available observer bands (i.e. no combined bands)
Start time
UT time format: YYYY/MM/DD HH:SS
Specify only one start time
End time
Ut time format: YYYY/MM/DD HH:SS
Specify only one end time