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Maintenance Period - Nov 2017 (Complete) | 27 Nov 2017

The SkyMapper ASVO services will be offline for a few days from 27 November for database maintenance. Neither the image cutouts nor catalogue queries are expected to be operational during this period.

The services are back online as of 9:30am, 29 Nov.

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SkyMapper detects fireball from neutron star collision | 17 Oct 2017

This article was originally published by The Australian National University Newsroom as, "Gravitational waves detected for first time from two stars colliding".

A video describing this discovery, and the SkyMapper image of the fireball, are available in our media gallery. You can also hear about how RSAA scientists followed up the detection.

Scientists from ANU and around the world have detected for the first time ripples in space and time, known as gravitational waves, from the collision of two very dense stars, called neutron stars, about 130 million light years away.

The international team detected the gravitational waves from the ...

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Maintenance Period - 3 Oct 2017 (Complete) | 2 Oct 2017

The image cutout services will be offline on 3 Oct 2017. We expect that TAP and cone-search queries will continue to work, either through this website or via tools like TOPCAT.

The maintenance has been completed and the services are back online.

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Planned maintenance period: 17-18 Aug 2017 | 7 Aug 2017

Please be advised that the ASVO services will be undergoing a planned maintenance period on 17-18 August. We expect that the image cutout service will be offline during this period, but the table queries and cone searches should remain functional.

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