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Issue #12
Affects DR1.1, DR2

Pan-STARRS1 DR1 coverage for cross-matching

Issue raised Jun 09 2017, 12:15 AEST; last modified Feb 13 2019, 16:20 AEDT

Certain Northern spatial regions were mistakenly omitted from the cross-matching process between the SkyMapper DR1 master table and the Pan-STARRS1 DR1 catalogue. The areas without reliable cross-matches have Declination >= +1.9958333deg (i.e., 2deg - 15arcsec) and either RA <= 170.0041667deg or >= 184.9958333deg. Most SkyMapper DR1 sources in those areas will have no ps1_dr1_id entries in the master table, but some sources near the boundaries will have potentially mistaken cross-matches.