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SkyMapper stellar parameters for Galactic Archaeology on a grand-scale

Casagrande, L. et al., 2018, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2740 | View on ADS (2018MNRAS.tmp.2740C)


The SkyMapper photometric surveys provides uvgriz photometry for several millions sources in the Southern sky. We use DR1.1 to explore the quality of its photometry, and develop a formalism to homogenise zero-points across the sky using stellar effective temperatures. Physical flux transformations, and zero-points appropriate for this release are derived, along with relations linking colour indices to stellar parameters. Reddening-free pseudo-colours and pseudo-magnitudes are also introduced. For late-type stars which are best suited for Galactic Archaeology, we show that SkyMapper+2MASS are able to deliver a precision better than 100 K in effective temperatures (depending on the filters), ̃0.2 dex for metallicities above -2, and a reliable distinction between M-dwarfs and -giants. Together with astrometric and asteroseismic space mission, SkyMapper promises to be a treasure trove for stellar and Galactic studies.

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