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14 Dec 2017

SkyMapper Data Release 1.1 available worldwide

The SkyMapper team are pleased to announce that Data Release 1 has been upgraded to Data Release 1.1. DR1.1 offers a significant improvement in the homogeneity of photometric calibration across the Southern sky, with the trade-off of a slightly-reduced sky coverage. Data queries against our cone search, image cutout and TAP services will now return DR1.1 data only. DR1.0 data are still available through out TAP service - look for table names containing dr1p0.

DR1.1 has been released to the worldwide public. Astronomers all over the world are now able to download SkyMapper data via this website, or through IVOA-compliant access tools such as TOPCAT. Remember, access to all SkyMapper data is governed by our data access policies; please read these policies and include the necessary citations and acknowledgements in your publications.

DR1.1 also comes with a brand-new sky viewer, courtesy of CDS. Users can explore the Southern sky in any of the six SkyMapper filter bands (uvgriz), or through false-colour composite images. Users also have the ability to search for their favourite objects or coordinates.