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User login/sign-up

In order to become registered with the SkyMapper website, we require you to sign up using a linked social account. You can currently authenticate your identity using your Facebook, Github, Google or Data Central logins.

We only use your social account to authenticate your identity, and store your (real) name and email address. We do not access or store any other data from your social accounts (such as posts, histories, photos, etc). Once you have authenticated using a social account, you can use our user management system to set a SkyMapper-specific password, and then disconnect your SkyMapper account from your social account(s). Alternatively, if you wish to keep logging in using your social account, you are more than welcome to do so - you can even use multiple social accounts (providing, that is, there is a common email address linked across all of your social accounts).

Please note that your real name (as provided by your social account provider) will be used on your posts in the User Forum.

If you wish to delete your SkyMapper website account and all related data (including data loaded from your social accounts), you may email this request to skymapper@anu.edu.au.

Login with SkyMapper credentials

If you've forgotten your password, you can access your SkyMapper account by re-authenticating against one of your social accounts. Once authenticated, you will be able to reset your password within the user management portal.

Login/sign up with social accounts