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SkyMapper Science Projects

This is a list of protected science projects planning to use SkyMapper data. Other users of SkyMapper data releases may not compete with these projects during the proprietary period. New members may join the survey projects at the discretion of the individual project leaders. Membership will not normally be refused, assuming a significant contribution to the project is offered by the prospective member.

Project Principal Investigator
Characterising Transiting Exoplanet Candidates from HATSouth Daniel Bayliss (Geneva)
Classification and photo-z catalogue, faint end of galaxy luminosity function Christian Wolf (RSAA)
Compact and Ultracompact binaries in the Milky Way Galaxy Paul Groot (Radboud), Danny Steeghs (Warwick), Lilia Ferrario (ANU)
Exploring Supernovae through light echoes Wolfgang Kerzendorf (ESO)
Exploring the Halo of the Galaxy with SkyMapper Gary Da Costa (RSAA)
Extremely metal-poor stars in the Galactic bulge Martin Asplund (RSAA)
Finding the Galactic Population of Symbiotic Binary Stars Adrian Lucy, Jeno Sokoloski (Columbia)
Hypervelocity Stars Warren R. Brown (CfA)
Investigating the Galactic White Dwarf Population with SkyMapper Stephane Vennes (Czech Academy of Sciences)
Mapping the Structure of the Outer Parts of the Magellanic Clouds Gary Da Costa (RSAA)
Optical counterparts of X-ray source population in ROSAT and eROSITA Christian Wolf (RSAA)
Optical counterparts of radio source population in ASKAP pilot surveys Christian Wolf (RSAA)
Photometry of flat-spectrum radio sources Oleg Titov (Geoscience Australia)
Primordial Gaseous Seeds Joss Bland-Hawthorn (U. Syd)
RCorBor stars Patrick Tisserand (IAP)
Search for high redshift QSOs (5.8<z<6.7) Patrick Tisserand (IAP)
SkyMapper Transient Search Anais Möller (RSAA)
Super-metal rich stars in the solar neighbourhood Martin Asplund (RSAA)
The Halos of nearby Globular Clusters Ken Freeman (RSAA)
The Interstellar Extinction Curve for 2.2 < RV < 2.9 David Nataf (RSAA)
The QSO luminosity function and using QSOs as local probes Christian Wolf (RSAA)
The SkyMapper Survey Search for Extremely Metal-Poor Stars Gary Da Costa (RSAA)
The Stromlo Milky Way Satellite Survey Helmut Jerjen (RSAA)
Ultra-Cool White Dwarfs in the Southern Sky Christian Wolf (RSAA)