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SkyMapper Protected Science Project

SkyMapper Transient Search

Anais Möller (RSAA), Brad Tucker (RSAA), Bonnie Zhang (RSAA), Fang Yuan (RSAA), Richard Scalzo (RSAA), Brian Schmidt (RSAA)

The SkyMapper Transient (SMT) search is a rolling search of the southern and equatorial sky utilizing the SkyMapper Telescope. The search is designed to ulitize the poor seeing nights at SSO, covering approximately 1000 sq.deg per full night with an expected cadence of 3-4 nights. The SkyMapper Transients survey will provide a new capability to identify and study transient object in great details. As one of the flagship missions of the ARC Centre for Excellence in All-Sky Astrophysics (CAASTRO), SkyMapper transients will contribute signicantly to the study of both the Dynamic Universe and the Dark Universe. While 70% of the SkyMapper SN discoveries will be Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) useful for probing Dark Energy, the remainder of these dynamic events will probe the diversity of explosions throughout the Universe.