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SkyMapper Protected Science Project

RCorBor stars

Patrick Tisserand (IAP)

1800 candidates of R Coronae Borealis stars (RCBs) were found using the WISE and 2MASS all sky infrared surveys (Tisserand, P. 2012, 2014). Photometric monitoring of those candidates using the SkyMapper's g, r, i, and z filters would be useful to detect the typical signature of RCBs: unpredictable large and fast photometric declines (up to 9 mag in 1 week). With a maximum magnitudes ranging between 14 and 16 mags, RCBs would appeared either bright (close to saturation) down to undetected on a single SkyMapper photometric epoch during the 5 years survey. Those photometric measurements can mainly be used to discriminate between RCB stars and Carbon Miras as the latest present large periodic pulsations.