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SkyMapper Protected Science Project

The QSO luminosity function and using QSOs as local probes

Christian Wolf (RSAA), Christopher Onken (RSAA), Patrick Tisserand (IAP), Brian Schmidt (RSAA)

QSOs are to be identified at all redshifts and magnitude levels where it is possible with high confidence (see Wolf et al. photo-z program). The brightest QSOs in the Southern Sky are yet to be identified, and so far only ~3000 sq.deg have been searched by the Hamburg-ESO-survey. These will be interesting targets for absorption-line follow-up studies. The whole range of z<2.5 QSOs will be used for cross-checking the calibration and dust correction over the survey area. The faintest QSOs will be used for a study of the QSO luminosity function and its evolution. Large QSO groups will be selected for follow-up high-cadence monitoring.