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SkyMapper Protected Science Project

Classification and photo-z catalogue, faint end of galaxy luminosity function

Christian Wolf (RSAA), Brian Schmidt (RSAA), Christopher Onken (RSAA)

We use statistical classification methods to derive a star/galaxy/QSO/white-dwarf classification including photometric redshifts for galaxies and QSOs. In the short survey this will allow photo-z preselection of spectroscopic surveys such as TAIPAN. In the main survey we hope to achieve a 0.01 RMS redshift precision for objects at r<19 and z<0.2, so as to define the deepest all-sky z<0.2 galaxy catalogue and investigate the faint end of the galaxy luminosity function, split by galaxy types (SED, surface brightness, light profile). Dr Wolf is currently running activities within the new 2dFLenS survey that will extend the GAMA survey as a training sample and improve on its weakest characteristics for this purpose. He is also accomplished with both galaxy and QSO photo-z's.