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Characterising Transiting Exoplanet Candidates from HATSouth

Daniel Bayliss (Geneva), Gaspar Bakos (Princeton), Joel Hartman (Princeton), Brian Schmidt (RSAA)

HATSouth is world's largest ground-based transit survey. We operate a dedicated network of fully autonomous telescopes that continuously search large fields in the southern hemisphere for transiting exoplanets. In order to characterise the exoplanet candidates we find, we need to accurately characterise the properties of the host star - most importantly their temperature and log(g). This helps us rule out false positives such as giant stars and rapidly rotating hot stars. It also allows us to prioritise interesting candidates (such as exoplanets transiting m-dwarfs). Currently we rely on 2MASS and APASS colours, but the SkyMapper Short Survey will greatly enhance our characterisation of host stars. This is becoming increasingly important as we now have over 700 HATSouth candidates - too many to follow-up all individually with spectroscopy.