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The First Confirmed SkyMapper Supernova (SMT J21413915-5643445)

Scalzo, R. et al., 2013, The Astronomer's Telegram, 5480, 1 | View on ADS (2013ATel.5480....1S)


We report the discovery of a Type Ia SN as part of the SkyMapper Transient (SMT) and Supernova Survey conducted with the 268-megapixel camera on the SkyMapper 1.3-m telescope at Siding Spring Observatory near Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia (Keller et al., 2007, PASA, 24, 1). The source was discovered at RA = 21:41:39.15, DEC = -56:43:44.5 at magnitude g = 20.1, r = 20.0 in SkyMapper images taken 2013 Oct 8.57 UT; no source was detected at this position on Sept 30 to a limiting magnitude of r = 20.6.

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