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SkyMapper Policy

Notification of Intent to Publish

Added 2 May 2016; last updated 15 Dec 2017

For datasets acquired during the Australian-only proprietary period for each Data Release, the publishing party of any publication (including, but not limited to, papers, articles, conference proceedings etc.) including SkyMapper data will provide a copy of the proposed publication to the SkyMapper Board (skymapper@anu.edu.au) at least 14 days prior to submission for publication. Appropriate acknowledgement and co-authorship will be included in the publication, as specified in the SkyMapper Authorship Policy. Prior investment in SkyMapper is protected by a list of defined Survey Science Projects based on the public survey data. Data released to the Australian community under the priority arrangement can be used for any purpose that does not conflict with the protected Science Projects. If no such conflicts are raised by the SkyMapper Board within a 14-day period, the publishing party may submit the publication.

A copy of your published paper or a link to an arXiv or online publication must be sent to the SkyMapper Team (skymapper@anu.edu.au) for entry into a repository of SkyMapper-related papers for impact tracking.