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5 Feb 2020

DR3 live across Australia now

The SkyMapper Team is pleased to announce that Data Release 3 (DR3) of the Southern Survey is now available to all interested parties based in Australia. The release includes ~200,000 images and 8 billion object detections. 

DR3 comes with the same data products as DR2, but a large increase in frames and deep sky coverage, including images from 5.5 years of observations. Nearly all Southern sky at |b|>10 deg has all six filters observed by the deeper Main-Survey exposures (see documentation).

There are more cross-matched external catalogues, both photometric catalogues such as VHS and Viking, and spectroscopic catalogues such as OzDES and RAVE.

Photometric zero-points are still anchored to Gaia DR2, and where comparisons are possible, the on-sky variation in zero points relative to PS1 appears to be below 1%, and internal reproducibility of PSF photometry is on the order of 1% at the bright end.

Go forth and mine the sky :)